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Valiquette Family Crest

Family Name Histroy

It was not until the early Middle Ages that surnames were first used to distinguish between numbers of people bearing the same name. With the growth of ducumentation in the later Middle Ages, such names became essential and a person whose distinguishing name described his trade, his place of residence, his father's name or some personal characteristic, passed that name on to his children, and the same became hereditary.

The French surname Valiquette is of local origin being derived from the place where a man once lived or where he once held land. In this case, Valiquette is associated with the French word 'vallee' which means 'valley'. The ending 'ette' is a diminutive ending and so it is likely that the initial bearer of this surname lived at, near or in a small valley. There are numerous French surnames which have the word 'val' as either their first or second components.

Examples are Bougival, Vallon, Vallette and Valles. Surnames like Valiquette have developed independently throughout Europe. Examples are the English Valley, the German Grund, the Norwegian Dhal, the Spanish Sima and the Italian Serritella.

A notable bearer of such a surname is Jean Parisot de la Valette (1494-1568)' the grand master of the Knights of Saint John, who, in 1565, defended Malta against an immense Turkish force, and, after four months siege, compelled the enemy, who had about 20,000 men, to withdraw.

The Crest

Blazon of Arms:
Azure, three fleurs de lis or, on a chief argent, a lion issuant gules.

The fleurs de lis signify Faith, Wisdom and Valour, the chief Dominion, the lion Strenght and Majesty.

The lion issuant gules.


This is the Family Crest that I have adopted for my family and does not mean it is the correct Crest for my family or yours.
But there is a few other's out there.
Below you will see another Crest from the House of Names web site that you may choose to adopt for your family.